Standardization and Foundation for Future Development – Amazon Web Services

Leading Pharmaceutical Multinational

Business Challenge​

Our client, a well-known medical devices, nutritional supplements and drug producer, wanted to make sure that their enterprise architectural landscape is scalable, efficient and according to the current best practices. The client has been using Amazon Web Services as their cloud environment for many years, during that time the architecture has grown complex with many dependencies, burdened by licence prices.


Our Approach​

We assisted in migrating existing data sources to the new environment enabling event driven vs complex orchestrations, automated deployment (codebase integrations), ingestion patterns and code templates, CI/CD, scalability, monitoring, logging and alerting and data governance (data quality, data lineage, data catalogue). With this approach we are building a foundation for the future development using serverless architecture and standardizing ETL and other processes.



Documented CI/CD and ETL workflows. Data and business lineage established. Standardized ingestion and code patterns. Transition from licenced MDM solution to serverless architecture.