Event Mesh

Event Mesh is a distributed architectural framework that enables the secure, reliable, and real-time exchange of events and messages between various applications, services, and devices within a distributed system or network. It is built on top of event-driven architecture (EDA) and often relies on messaging middleware or event brokers to facilitate communication.

The primary goal of an Event Mesh is to allow applications and services to produce and consume events without being tightly coupled to one another. This decoupling allows for greater scalability, resilience, and flexibility, as components can be added, removed, or updated without affecting the overall system.



Establishing connections between producers and consumers of events across different platforms, protocols, and environments.


Efficiently routing events to the appropriate consumers based on their interest or subscription.


Ensuring secure transmission and consumption of events by implementing authentication, authorization, and encryption mechanisms.


Providing fault tolerance and self-healing capabilities in the face of failures or disruptions.


Offering monitoring, logging, and tracing tools for better visibility into the system’s performance and behavior.

Event Mesh can be implemented using a variety of technologies, such as message brokers (e.g., Apache Kafka, RabbitMQ), event-driven platforms (e.g., Solace PubSub+), or cloud-based services (e.g., AWS EventBridge, Google Cloud Pub/Sub). By adopting Event Mesh, organizations can improve their ability to build and manage complex, distributed systems that need to handle high volumes of events and messages in real-time.

How can Syntio help?

In every project Syntio does, we look at how to simplify solutions for clients. We achieve this by following the principles of Event Mesh solutions – as nothing simplifies architecture better than decoupling systems and abstracting data away from the systems that create that data. The result of this approach is that our engineers and architects are all experts in event driven systems and solutions, and so there really is no one better to help you on your journey.

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