An enterprise-class, real time data platform enabling transactional,
operational and analytic business applications.

Runs anywhere, on any cloud or on-prem.

DATAPHOS ingests, prepares and serves in real time the highest quality, actionable data input to data consumers – transactional systems and analytics/data science users.
It enables easy creation of new value-added digital products.

Dataphos info
Dataphos info

DATAPHOS allows for focus on business outcome instead of underlying technology.

Advantages over Existing Solutions
and Market Practices

Not Dependent on Data Engineers

No need to invest in custom development, large data engineering teams or costly outdated data solutions.

Minimum Time to Effective Data Use

Out-of-the-box, ready-to-use components enabling fast deployment.

Data ingested, transformed and ready to use in a matter of days rather than months or years.

Best-in-Class Architecture

Based on years of experience with enterprise data architecture and building cloud data platforms across industries.

Avoids pitfalls and architectural mistakes of custom development that starts from legacy source systems as a base.

Dataphos on a Data Infrastructure Map

Data Infrastructure Map
Data Infrastructure Map

State-of-the-Art Engineering

Data decoupled from the systems that create it

Enables immediate access to data, without the need to modernize existing or legacy systems​.

Results in far less dependency management – usually the biggest headache for any technology project.

Read once, consume many times

Data read only once, permanently stored in one place and available to multiple consumers for concurrent use.

Reduces load pressure on source systems. Resolves the problem of point-to-point integration.

Low-code, ready-to-use

Immediate deployment.

Minimizes cost and time to value for all data use.

Resource optimized and scalable

Superior performance: an order of magnitude improvement in data ingestion speed over CDC or ETL/ELT tools.
Low cloud/server resource usage. Horizontally and vertically scalable.

Security and data privacy

Data encrypted at publishing. Can be used in private networks and over public internet.

Supports PII data usage and right-to-forget.

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