Data Engineering

Personalized solutions for complex data challenges.

On any cloud platform. In minimum time.

what we do

Data Integration

We collect and connect data from different cloud or on-prem sources and prepare it for current and future use-cases. In a sustainable, cost-optimized way.

Event-Driven Architecture

We promote event-driven architecture and streaming data processing, enabling communication between decoupled services while avoiding complex orchestration.

Data Platform Modernization

We give existing solutions a boost to withstand present-day challenges and serve ever-growing consumer needs.

Data Democratization

We unlock the potential of data through Data Mesh and Data Marketplace by providing secure access to the parties involved, considering data ownership, quality and governance.

Cloud Onboarding

Just started in the cloud? We give guidance and support in the process, by either moving existing solutions to the cloud or building new ones based on cloud-native tools and technologies. We work with all major cloud platforms.

Expert Services

We assess the current client’s organization, educate our clients, and work with them on a realistic step-by-step organizational and technological plan to get them where they want to be.

how we do it


Our engineers have varied technology and business backgrounds. They bring vast experience in traditional warehousing, application development and DevOps, allowing us to combine tried-and-tested best practices into state-of-the-art modern-day solutions.


We apply industry best practices, tailoring them to our clients’ specific needs, taking into consideration the existing landscape, tools and expertise.  


We do not just build pipelines. We build full-layered solutions, keeping in mind technology and governance, as well as people and culture.

Cloud, but Agnostic

We prefer to build solutions in the cloud. We don’t care which one.


Complex problems sometimes require ingenious solutions. From using open-source tools to promoting new paradigms like Data Mesh. We connect the know-how in an innovative manner without reinventing the wheel.


We know every bit of data has a direct impact on our environment, and we bear that in mind when designing solutions. Data closer to where it is needed and backups that have a point.


We work on solutions together with our clients’ engineers. We make them an integral part of the process and enable them to take the reins of the solution once completed.

Fixed results

Results at the end of a project are fixed. No loose ends from our side. When we are done, we are really done.

SYNTIO provides solutions on all major cloud-platforms


Some of our Partners

Microsoft Azure
Google Cloud
Red Hat

We place an emphasis on cutting through the hype
and building things that actually work and deliver real business value.