Real Time Data Streaming from Numerous Financial Legacy Systems to a Cloud Integration Platform Feeding SAP

Leading Multinational Furniture Retailer

Business Challenge​

The finance systems of our client, a large European furniture retailer, were scattered in individual data stores around the company’s global subsidiaries, making consolidated finance reporting at the group level difficult. As a part of a global digital transformation project, the company’s financial data was to be consolidated in an SAP platform in the cloud.


Our Approach​

GCP was introduced as an intermediate platform for data migration to SAP and to make data available outside SAP for analytics and real time processing. We built a data pipeline framework for automated pipeline creation and distributed it to all project teams. Data was consolidated and integrated through different GCP layers using the appropriate as-a-service tools and processed in SAP based on the requirements from the finance department.



Consolidated finances in SAP: real time data ingestion and integration to GCP from 50+ on premise sources and SaaS APIs. Data consolidation, transformation and loading into SAP S/4Hana on MS Azure. Analytics were performed in GCP making financial data available to all departments across the company.