Big Data Workshop and Training

Central Bank of an EU Country

Business Challenge​

Syntio collaborated with a partner on a project for the Central Bank of an EU country. The Bank regularly processed large amounts of data and faced highly complex data structures. It was unable to process it relying on existing Data Warehousing system and processing tools.


Our Approach​

Our approach was to use the existing on-premise Hortonworks cluster. We organized a series of workshops in which we presented to the client the best practices in big data processing. We designed practical exercises based on use cases from the banking industry and led participants through a hands-on experience with big data technology.



Through the series of practical workshops, the participants learned the best practices that they would apply in the production environment of the Bank’s everyday operations. In addition to introducing the client to the standard Microsoft tools, we successfully demonstrated the power of open-source software. The participants were empowered to use these tools to meet the requirements of specific use cases in the Bank’s operations.