Successful Completion of the My Energy Community Project 

The My Energy Community development and research project celebrated its successful completion on March 27, 2024. Initiated in 2022, the project aimed to create an innovative platform designed to facilitate and enhance the operation and management of energy communities. Syntio and Grid ONE led the project, merging their expertise and resources to develop hardware and software solutions that encourage citizen participation in the energy transition.

The My Energy Community platform is based on a cloud-based data platform, enabling broad accessibility for all future users. It offers easier integration with existing metering points, and seamless scalability with an increasing number of users. Its key innovative feature is the real-time operation, powered by custom-developed hardware (Smart Meter WiFi Reader). This feature enables real-time data retrieval and interactive energy-sharing features.

The platform provides insights into energy sharing and the availability of energy from various sources, including traditional energy suppliers and integrated solar plants with corresponding prices. This project enables the use of green energy at the point of production, reducing costs and losses for members of the energy community and grid operators. It makes solar plants more attractive investments, resulting in long-term reductions in CO2 emissions, positive climate impacts, and improved air quality.

“My Energy Community platform brings significant changes to energy community management and fully aligns with the 4D transition of the European Union. DECARBONIZATION plays a vital role by enhancing solar capacity and reducing CO2 emissions, crucial steps toward a more sustainable future. DEREGULATION enables and encourages citizen participation in electricity sharing through new market models, such as Citizen Energy Communities and Communities of Renewable Energy Sources. DIGITALIZATION facilitates real-time production and consumption monitoring, along with detailed analysis, enabling the optimization of both the platform and the energy system. DECENTRALIZATION changes the existing centralized system model to enable citizen participation in electricity sharing and sales,” stated Davor Sokolović, Head of Business Development at Syntio.

“Our platform for sharing electrical energy within energy communities represents a flexible end-to-end software solution designed to meet future user needs and comply with regulatory standards. Our accessible solution provides end users with real-time access to data from their advanced meters. As a result of our implemented pilot project with HEP ODS, we offer support to all interested users who can receive free installation of data collection devices and insight into their real-time electrical energy consumption and/or production,” said Goran Jurišić, Director of Grid ONE.

The project is supported by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2014 – 2021 under the Business Development and Innovation Croatia Program. It was developed to fulfill the European Green Deal, an initiative of the European Union to achieve a carbon-neutral continent by 2050.

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