Smart use of data brings excellent opportunities and savings, Poslovni dnevnik

Davorin Cetto, co-founder and CEO of Syntio

Digital transformation has been a concept for years, yet many organizations didn’t fully implement it. If we are talking specifically about data, companies still have vast amounts of data but do not know precisely what to do with it or how to utilize it. Can you imagine a data platform, based on existing data in real-time, that can tell you exactly when and where you should offer a particular product to your customers? Or collect data from various parts of the organization and offer you a solution which could generate new income streams?

As a data engineering company, Syntio created just such a solution – the Dataphos data platform. The platform enables business improvement by integrating and processing real-time data and making decisions based on current data. By building a platform to distribute and share data as a template throughout the organization, companies can accelerate their digital transformation, enable business agility, and utilize the value of existing data more quickly.

Global trends indicate that with a high inflation rate, and consequent increases in unemployment, this next year could be a challenging one. In our sector, technology and data, we see that concepts like Data Mesh are gaining a lot of traction, and we expect that to continue and grow throughout the next year. In general, decentralisation and modernisation as a driver for digital transformation will also feature strongly. Numerous global companies have already recognized the value of using data to improve their business, and I am sure everyone else will be deciding to take this crucial step of digital transformation in the coming years.

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