Why Open Source?

Marc Veldhuizen


On November the 25th we took a giant step in our almost four-year history by launching our first software product. Persistor is our inbound data persistence solution and it will help to store all raw data from data producers in an easy to navigate and cost-conscious way.

The big advantage for a company using this kind of software in their builds, is that they would have unlimited access to that data, which then can hugely help in the business process. But why do we open source a product, that has a lot of potential and from which companies could profit hugely? To understand that we need to go back a bit in our history.

Keeping it exciting

When starting Syntio, our founders, all engineers with a huge track record in data engineering, decided that it was time to approach IT consultancy a bit different. Instead of writing code for writing code sake, their vision was based on innovation and going boldly where nobody had gone before. Because putting that front and center of the projects they did would automatically result in business value. They didn’t want to be some hired hands on a project, they wanted to really make an impact.

Flash forward to a few years later: After working on quite a few very elaborate and complex digital transformations, building several cloud analytics platforms and working for a number of international clients, we began to notice that during these projects there were steps that we had to take over and over again…

From the minds of many

At Syntio we have a culture of knowledge sharing; Time not spent collaborating with associates is spend in our Lab, sharing knowledge and comparing results. Because we know that the hive mind of all our Syntians is able to come up with way better and more intricate solutions than one engineer on its own. When we started to notice the similarity in steps, it got time to do something about it. It’s simply not in our DNA to sleep, eat, code, repeat and reinvent the wheel over and over again. It’s way more fun to challenge yourself. So, we sat down, analyzed these situations and came up with effective solutions that we, from then onwards, could put in our toolbox.

Obviously, our collaborators benefit from this approach; instead of having to spend hours building custom solutions to standard challenges, we bring a proven clear cut one. That way we can tackle the real problems earlier in the process and make sure the project we are collaborating on is operational way faster.

Lending a Hand

Our faith in these products is rock solid and we think that everyone should use them in their builds. And that is another reason why we are open sourcing them. Because why should we keep something that could be beneficial to so many, all to ourselves. We feel the need to give back to the open source community, a community that has given us so much already. To quote an inspirational figure: “It never hurts to help”.

Persistor is the first in a line of products that will enable and accelerate digital transformation, a line that will help people work faster and more efficient. We will open source these products as much as possible, that way as many people as possible have access and can use them. And we love a good collaboration, so we are very curious what others will contribute to what we did. And if you have feedback or just want some more info? Just reach out to us on HELLO@SYNTIO.NET.