Syntio presents Persistor

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Imagine if you could access all your raw, unfiltered data in an instant, never having to ask any of your data producers for back ups ever again. And also do it in the cheapest and easiest way possible?

Syntio presents Persistor!

Every company in the world relies on their data. Huge platforms are built to extract and process it to make sound decisions on which the daily business is run. And a lot of the data producers (apps, machinery, websites) are plugged directly into these data processing platforms. Everything that is done is fed directly into the system to be processed.

Why Persistor?

In a perfect world, when processing all that important data you gather, nothing goes wrong. But unluckily enough we don’t live in a perfect world… Data producers add new attributes, existing attributes get rearranged or processing flows are fumbled. And most of the time, you are left empty handed.

When moving the data through integration and orchestration layers, events and messages will be lost and you will be forced to ask your producers for back-ups. In a lot of cases these data producers are not build for that. And if they are, this takes valuable time and can potentially cost you lots of money.

The Ultimate Failsafe

With Persistor all this is a thing of the past. Persistor is a component that collects and stores all your data in an easy accessible way, in it’s original format. It’s basically the ultimate failsafe on the ingestion process.

Persistor can easily be installed in your data flows. The component doesn’t need to be operated, nor does it need maintenance. The only thing you need to do is configure it and it will gather all data send to your system by the data producers.

Persistor takes this data and then stores all of it, in its original format, in an easy to navigate structure: All files are labelled by producer, date and if necessary even hour when they are gathered. This way you can exactly get back what you need.

For example: You are an online retailer that uses dynamic pricing based on customer status, location and amount ordered. And in your weekly sales report you notice orders that have been shipped for a peculiar price. Persistor gives you the opportunity to immediately retrieve the data on which that price calculation was based so you can review the decision and act accordingly.

Easy and Cost Conscious

Persistor will also make building functioning data products a lot easier. Since it is placed between your data producers and your integration platform, you don’t have to worry anymore about integrating all these different apps into your system. Because with Persistor you will just be integrating data.

The Persistor component is open source, so you will be able to work with it, any way you see fit. It’s available on HTTPS://GITHUB.COM/SYNTIO/AQUARIUM-PERSISTOR-GCP where you can download it free of charge. For more information, remarks or suggestions contact us at PERSISTOR@SYNTIO.NET.