What happened to Tuesday and Thursday in Syntio?

Barbara Sajfar


We like to keep our Syntians up to date on everything we are doing in the company, from the solutions we build to the business side of the whole company.

At Syntio we believe that knowledge sharing empowers us, and we are really passionate about learning. You can see that in everything we do. From the way we approach our clients to the way we conduct day-to-day business in our office. We like to keep our Syntians up to date on everything we are doing in the company, from the solutions we build to the business side of the whole company.

The way we do it is through Tech Tuesdays and Non-Tech Thursdays.

So what happens on those days?

On Tuesdays, we provide the opportunity for the Syntians themselves to present new technologies or projects they are working on, and through doing this, everyone can become a part of it in some way. By asking questions and discussing the topic, we add more experience and knowlege from each of them to the whole story. Here are some of the topics we discussed:

Non-tech Thursdays is something that started a bit later but is now equally as important. Through it we introduce the non-tech side of the company, such as marketing or any other business aspects that will help them gain a better understanding of everything that happens in the company, leading to better communication with, and understanding of our clients.

For instance one of the first workshops we had was held to figure out what the core vales of Syntio are. Since (as you have probably noticed) we did some re-branding, we asked everyone to tell us what they consider to be the values of this company. Our goal was not and is not to force values and the culture on our people, but rather have the people’s values and cultures represent the firm as a whole.

To see the importance of this type of knowledge-sharing event, check out what our Data Engineer Tihana, had to say on the topic.

What do you think of Tech Tuesdays | non-Tech Thursdays?

I think tech Tuesdays/non-tech Thursdays bring knowledge sharing inside the company. Tech Tuesdays are often project-based, which I believe brings benefit to colleagues who are currently not working on that project. They provide an overview of what has been done, what the problem was, and how it was solved.On the other hand, the presentations from R&I team keep the company in the loop with current tools, new features, or the bigger picture of the solution presented by project-based teams.

When it comes to non-tech Thursday, I believe it can sharpen our soft skills and show us the basics of how business works, and also what we can do to understand our customers better, as well as preparing us for new experiences and unexpected events. With this, I believe we become better engineers, consultants, and people. It can result in huge time, energy, and cost savings.

What benefits does this type of event bring?

Firstly, I think of this event as a social interaction where we can all sit together and spend half an hour/hour listening and learning, whilst discussing a topic that is usually not a part of our everyday talks.It also provides us a place to sharpen our presentation skills and can be a great way to introduce new employees to the work that Syntio does, and our ways of working.

Do you have a favorite Tech Tuesday | non-Tech Thursday topic that has been discussed?

There have been so many great topics in both, I cannot pick one. However, if my life was being threatened and I had to answer, I would probably choose the ones I held 😛

What was the most interesting one for you about?

Tech Tuesdays: I loved the presentations of Syntio’s new products and was a big step for the company as it expanded on all the future possibilities.

Non-tech Thursdays: Every time I would choose a discussion over a lecture, and I love the workshops. They have proven to be beneficial and widen the scope of thought.

What do you hope to hear next?

Following the same pattern as now, but even bigger, wilder, crazier, and more fun. The thing with tech Tuesdays/non-tech Thursdays is that knowledge and research are always on-going, so you never know what you might learn.

What are the benefits of being a “Presenter” at these types of events?

As I already mentioned: Sharpening presentation skills, coping in the moment, breaking language barriers, learning new things, socializing with colleagues, keeping in the loop with what’s new, broadening the scope of thought, sharing knowledge, sharpening soft skills, and lastly, but probably the most important, having fun.