The Fast-Growing Company: We Can Unleash the Power of Your Data

On the left: Fredrik Blom, Managing Director at Syntio Nordics.
Right: Davorin Cetto, CEO and co-founder.

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Unleashing the power of data is a process that must be done in the right steps to reach its full potential. Syntio Nordics, a data engineering company, can help.

“We can take overall responsibility for a business’s data in order to utilize its opportunities,” says Fredrik Blom, Managing Director at Syntio Nordics.

Data is a powerful resource that drives innovation and improves results and decisions in a business. However, implementing a digital transformation and taking advantage of data is a challenge for many companies.

“Some companies are not aware of the opportunities that come with a healthier data culture. They need help becoming data-driven and understanding how they can benefit from it in their business. Others have come some way in their transformation but need help to take it to the next step to get a really healthy data culture, learn to collaborate, generate business value, and connect it with AI,” says Fredrik Blom.

Syntio Nordics Knows Data

Syntio Nordics is a purely data-focused company that offers services such as data extraction, migration, and quality assurance, as well as cloud integration, real-time analysis, and development of data infrastructure and ecosystems. It partners with major American cloud providers, so-called hyper-scalers, to leverage their platforms.

“We are technology agnostic and use the solutions that best meet our customers’ needs,” Blom says.

In Sweden, they already work with several large players in retail, manufacturing, and telecommunications, among other industries. For one customer, they succeeded in speeding up the handling of tickets in a booking system by as much as eight times. With another customer, they managed to save millions of kroner by making card fees visible during payments.

An important step in the process is changing the culture of a company and its view of data.

“Employees should understand the value of data and how it can be used to enable data-driven decision-making processes,” he says.

Good Data is a Prerequisite for AI

Davorin Cetto, CEO and co-founder of the company, believes that AI and machine learning are the big trends now, but that good data is a prerequisite for them.

“Many customers come to us and say they want to get ready for AI. But if it is to succeed, they must first create a strategy for how to extract business value from the data they already have,” he says.

He believes that it is important to start from a real use case and build the business based on that, rather than starting with a large data platform on top of the business.

“By starting from a use case, we can gradually deliver value to customers. It becomes both more manageable and more economical. It is something that our customers really appreciate,” concludes Davorin Cetto.


Syntio was founded in 2017 in Zagreb, Croatia. In 2024, an office was opened in Gothenburg, followed by an office in Munich. The company currently has around 100 employees.

In 2023, Syntio was listed in Financial Times magazine’s list of Europe’s 1,000 fastest-growing companies for the third year in a row.

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The original article – Dagens industri