What are the most valuable business lessons from the leaders of Tesla, YouTube, Waze, Shazam? Ask Syntio employees

Martina Mandic, Sara Petrinjak


Here at Syntio, lifelong learning and continuous progress are a mindset rather than a process. We believe that, in today’s work, the emphasis should always be on knowledge sharing and agile team development. Our employees are highly motivated to grow, and we are committed to developing and preserving a work culture where they can gain the most comprehensive knowledge and skills. We know that it is simply no longer enough to be an expert in only one field. Market demands and advances in technology change rapidly, and we are no strangers to researching the latest technologies and finding the best practices to ensure we are being as professional as possible when meeting a client.

Professional and flexible programs

When we were looking for an educational program for our employees, it was extremely important to us that they could learn from the best, while having the freedom to attend lectures and complete exams when it best suited them. THE POWER BUSINESS SCHOOL is a prestigious digital business school that was launched in 2021 with the goal of training teams of all companies and sizes. With their fitting motto “The learning methodology has to adapt to people’s lifestyles, and not the other way around”, we decided to choose them – and we are absolutely thrilled that we did.

Their lectures are divided into modules, which gives our employees the flexibility to choose their own pace of learning. What we especially like about them is their way of doing things and the fact that their lecturers are world-renowned business professionals and entrepreneurs, including Netflix co-founder Marc Randolph, The Lean Startup author Eric Ries, Scrum creator Jeff Sutherland, marketing specialist Guy Kawasaki, and co-founders of Tesla, YouTube, Waze, and Shazam. What is more, in order to resolve the issue of low completion rates of online course platforms, THEPOWERMBA in Company offers a Comprehensive Transformation Plan tailored to each company’s specific needs. What we love about them is the fact that this is the only MBA aimed specifically at startups and the tech (service) industry, while traditional MBA degrees are perhaps more compatible with traditional manufacturing and logistics industries.

Importance of employee experiences

Are there better recommendations than the ones coming from our colleagues? We are sure there are not. As a handful of our employees had already successfully completed the PowerMBA program, we were very excited to hear their experiences. Based on what they said, we decided to offer this opportunity to all Syntio employees. What is especially great about The Power Business School is that it provides us at Syntio with not only the technical expertise, but also the understanding of the broader picture of our clients’ businesses, and the ability to prepare the best possible offers to suit their needs. To meet the client on their home turf, so to speak.

Three powerful programs

About 20 of our employees – including Junior and Senior Data Engineers and Principal Consultants – are currently attending the PowerMBA program, and we cannot wait to hear their experiences as well. The topics covered are focused on tech start-ups and the current challenges of the industry, which corresponds to our internal processes, company development, and growth. Our employees can choose from three different programs. The PowerMBA program is a comprehensive business program where our employees can develop in areas of business development, business model analysis, and leadership, as well as areas such as finance or HR. The Future Leaders program is well-suited for our juniors, as it is great for improving their knowledge of business and leadership. Finally, the PowerSkills program is intended for those who want to learn more about and work on a critical (yet often overlooked) aspect of professional development – their soft skills.