How we decided to help new generations to prepare for the dynamic IT sector

Although data, or rather an endless array of different information, may seem intimidating at first, it’s actually a great source of information. And those who know how to collect, process, and prepare it for users are becoming more and more important. 

The new generation of data engineers

As we see great value and potential in business data for business transformation, our Principal Consultant Ivan Čeliković has held a Tech Talk in KSET, the electrical engineering students’ club. There he got the chance to introduce our work and the principles of Data Engineering. We are very proud to be a part of the education process of 30 students of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, through the extracurricular course Cloud Data Engineering Technology. During the next semester, students will have the opportunity to gain lots of practical knowledge and skills that are immediately applicable, such as creating basic data platform elements, using open source tools and libraries, and learning to develop following the DevOps (software development and IT operations) principles. All of this and more will greatly increase their competitiveness in a dynamic and challenging IT sector.

Why do we find data engineering so interesting?

To say briefly, data engineering is a new problem-solving perspective. This particularly interesting branch of software engineering focuses on the storage, processing, modeling, and visualization of data so that they are exposed to the end-user in the simplest way possible. The role of data engineers in today’s world is extremely significant. We could say that those are the people that turn an abundance of information and complex data structures into useful material for various business needs.

Data engineering in Croatia is still in the process of developing, which offers a great opportunity for all those who want to specialize in this field, who understand the role and won’t give up until they’re truly great in it. Among the skills that one needs to focus on the most are programming languages, technologies used for data processing and storage, as well as various databases, data sources, visualization, and organization. As this is a complex field, knowledge of machine learning is desirable, as well. Data engineers will, among other tasks, certainly work on optimization and the creation of scalable solutions, all while ensuring the quality and security of the data being processed. So it’s not surprising we saw the need for including these skills in university classes.