When creating software – having the essential toolbox is a necessity, having a proper one is luxury. Customized tools bring a big boost in efficiency.

These are additional tools we carry around with us:


is a product built for real time integration. Datamill enables fast, reliable and flexible data flow between various sources and multiple consumers in least intrusive way for the source system. Structure of exchanged data sets can vary for each consumer of the same data set. Business logic implemented between producers and consumers makes sure that data is enriched, formatted and validated in a way that can deliver the data sets to multiple target systems and data subscribers.

Syntio AirETL

AirETL is our derivative work based on Apache Airflow orchestration tool. The idea behind this tool is to leverage powerful orchestration characteristics of Apache Airflow with the addition of new features - having ETL tool as a result. Such tool is comparable with enterprise solutions, which we already proved on large project implementations - both on-premise and cloud.

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