Majority of current ERP and MES systems are not designed to store vast amount of sensor data or to process raw quality and technological data in real time or do machine learning that would lead to e.g. predictive maintenance. Furthermore, majority of MES systems are located on premise and are not accessible from the outside which does not make them resilient to situations where access to the plants and access to high tech personnel and decision makers is limited.

With Cloud MES we can offer analytics cloud data platform extension to on-premise MES. Without amending current processes until you are ready to do so. Cloud MES is centralised place in cloud that combines real time data from multiple plants for analysis, maintenance and predictive maintenance. Supervision of the processes, quality control, maintenance, upgrades of cloud MES can all be done remotely and without system downtime. Plants and operating locations can coordinate activities better if data from their MES systems is integrated in one central place, accessible from anywhere.

With collection of all data in one place with unlimited storage we are in position to analyse years of data together with all the issues that occurred knowing reasons why those happened. Training models on that data set can give us early signals when to proactively do maintenance so that production does not stop and maintenance window and cost would be lower. All resulting in saving significant amount of funds, production downtime and human resources.

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