The amount of data available to health, clinical and medical institutions in today’s world is growing exponentially and organization’s success depends on ability to extracting useful information from all that data such as wearable devices, sensors, health tracking applications and clinical results. Traditional data processing and information extraction techniques are rapidly becoming inadequate for newly available data. This is where we see opportunity to improve and excel. Syntio health platform provides solution and investment in future.


Medical module

is aimed for gathering, analyzing and evaluating output data from medical institutions such as hospitals and research centers. Goal is to be able to compare success of treatment among different institutions. Patients will have prediction of their life quality after treatment and medical institutions will be able to specialize in treatments they are most successful in. In this way patients will have confidence that their life will be in best hands and medical facilities will be able to specialize in treatments they are doing best and improve them even further.

Clinical Trial Module

is centralized hub that connects all systems that are present in Clinical Research Organization in order to master data and create golden records. These records are then synced back to source systems bringing all the data in line thorough entire enterprise. With cleansed and profiled data, we have opportunity to create valuable insights such as predicting best sites (medical facilities), investigators (medical staff) and subjects (patients) for new clinical studies before they even begin. This way we are not only saving precious time in drug development process, but we are improving people’s lives.

Health Module

contains data from fitness, nutrition and medical apps. Data is either measured by wearable devices or manually entered by user. It can be also enriched with clinical data when user uploads medical test results to platform. Goal of the module is to warn users of potential anomality’s in their health graph and advise them to do a medical checkup in order to prevent potential medical condition in early stages.

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