We’re Syntio, a data engineering company focused on building solutions that create value from clients data. Our founders and engineers bring two decades experience of handling and processing data. Based in Croatia, we take pride in a Europe-wide project footprint.

What we do

Extracting information from available data is a demanding procedure. Traditional ways of data processing and information extraction slow down clients’ abilities to make decisions.

That’s where we step in by creating data-intensive applications by using the best tools. To simplify, we learn and create value from your data.

We have practical expertise in distributed systems infrastructure, event driven architectures, big data processing, data integration, data warehousing, business analytics and data science.


Syntio was founded by experienced professionals and data enthusiasts with more than 15 years of experience on average. Our employees have background in software engineering, data warehousing, business intelligence – supporting client business cycles and development in retail, finance and telco.


32% Employees
11% Data Engineering Certificates
12% Senior engineers
11% Clients
7% Countries
100% Self funded

This project was co-financed by the European Union’s Competitiveness and cohesion Operational Programme.The content of the website is the sole responsibility of Syntio d.o.o. About the project